Monday, June 9, 2008

Response to appreciate and interpret Art

The passage tells more details about how you appreciate and interpret Art and it has 5 steps in total. There are many stuffs that one person gonna be learn in arts, it is really a huge topic. First of all, what you do is identify the medium or the mode of expression the artist choose to use.Is it a painting,drawing, sculpture,a still paragraph or an architectural structure? Is it two-dimensional or three dimensional?Something like that. I think it's obvious to get the answer for this kind of question.It's the basic understanding when you see a picture,you can directly perceived what you see.The second step is asking what content of the art work presented, in others words,what's the subject matter the artist has chosen to convey,it's just asking the main idea why the artist draw that?

The third step is looking for what kind of style the artist is using. A representional style is one that you can find out the artist's ideas and subject matter and the non-representional one is where the subject matter is not clearly. This time you also needs to tell whether the artwork is realistic, naturalist or idealized.It needs readers understand the whole passage more deeper, read the whole passage may be necessary. The fourth is saying the presention of the work, it involves on line, color, texture, spatial qualities and composition.These thing influence others' visualization. The fifth is talking about the format and the direction of the work, what you do is identify how do all of these features work together and what effect does it create, sometimes it's hard to tell from the art work you see. The last step is consider the period the art work comes from and you need to recognise if it's a recall another era or a new movement in art. To do this, you must have some basic knowledge about arts.

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