Monday, June 9, 2008

One high school student involved in a lawsuit

From the passage, I know that U.S. has a very good legal system, many laws restrict what people do. I don't know why America make a lot of laws to restict what people do but I appreciate that. Like the policy that the boy's art teacher showed to him the class prohabited any violence, blood, sexual connotations or religious beliefs in artwork. I don't think China has such restrictive and serious laws in art, it doesn't have particular laws to restrict what people draw in art class. I believe that everyone knows what kind of he/she should not draw because it's not nice for others to see,it's just self-discipline.

Also there is a culture difference exists, if someone in China, I don't think he or she will in trouble because this is not the belief that we believe in. Some people do believe god Jesus; however, majority of people believe in Buddha. You may think the picture also infringed on other students' rights and infringed people who believe Jesus. Like I said, we don't have such restrictions on religion part. Oppositely, if someone draw Buddha instead of the cross, do you think he/she will in trouble? No, since most of the people in U.S. trust in God, Jesus. That's the point why the boy get punished. From now on, I am gonna to learn laws in U.S.A cause I don't wanna like the boy who get in trouble with law restictions.


dd adams said...

but in the same token, what if a student or an artist (or a student-artist) were to create a piece of work that was overtly anti-government in china? true freedom of artistic self-expression is often limited by the potential negative impact it has on others ... the question is, with everyone forming their own individual opinions on things such as art, who then decides what is negative, impactful and thus inappropriate (or even illegal)?

Anonymous said...

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