Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Morning

I don't know much about Edward Hopper as his artwork, I even don't know any famous artist no matter what kind of painting the artists. I mean, impressionism abstractionism etc. As I mentioned in one of the comment I write, I am not good at art so I am not interested in this field. The only thing I can do when I look at any artwork is try my best to appreciate and understand what exactly the artist want to depict.It's hard to analyze.

Most of the Eward Hopper's painting is a combination of people and landscape of a particular place so does the painting which entitled Cape Cod Morning. All in all, the painting describes a kind of peaceful life which is similar as the one I evaluate with title"Still life with Fruit and Champagne" I can name this picture Still life of a woman with close to nature. From the graph, I can judge what the woman pursue is a kind of relaxed,it's like to hold herself aloof from the world. Thinking of nothing, just look at the green trees and the golden wheat with the sunshine, it will bring you a good mood, such a enjoyable thing! Obviously, similarities exist between the woman in the picture and nature, that is they are all very peaceful and real. And the place in the picture it's like a Neverland which is a place that I hope I can stay forever with the person I love as we get old gradually. Such a happiness and romantic thing!
Still life, I pursue...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne

After I reading the passage Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, I know that how peaceful and relax the life could be. Forrest Gump said life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you are going to get. It means life is full of choices and adventure. Like the picture which is drawn by Helen Searle in the passage. What she indicates is a enjoyable still life as you can see. Drink some champagne, eat some fruit and see what the bee is doing, life could be colorful!But still life is not only the situation that the paint tells, it's just a kind of peaceful life.

Through long time observation of this painting, I have new ideas about the painting. There are two bunches of grapes one is the color with purple and another is a yellow grape with leaf not green any more and it breaks. This indicates a change from young stage to old stage of life. The peach implies that the more we grown, the more we become mature like the color of the red plum in the picture. And the green plum, the hazard nut,and the branch, they all tell me that the life road that we are gonna walk in the future will not flat all the way, some roads are tough to walk and they can make us get injured during the walk.The champagne and the bee are the things that makes our life interesting and colorful. Anyway the concept of life can be either easy or complicated, depends on how you look at it.

Monday, June 9, 2008

One high school student involved in a lawsuit

From the passage, I know that U.S. has a very good legal system, many laws restrict what people do. I don't know why America make a lot of laws to restict what people do but I appreciate that. Like the policy that the boy's art teacher showed to him the class prohabited any violence, blood, sexual connotations or religious beliefs in artwork. I don't think China has such restrictive and serious laws in art, it doesn't have particular laws to restrict what people draw in art class. I believe that everyone knows what kind of he/she should not draw because it's not nice for others to see,it's just self-discipline.

Also there is a culture difference exists, if someone in China, I don't think he or she will in trouble because this is not the belief that we believe in. Some people do believe god Jesus; however, majority of people believe in Buddha. You may think the picture also infringed on other students' rights and infringed people who believe Jesus. Like I said, we don't have such restrictions on religion part. Oppositely, if someone draw Buddha instead of the cross, do you think he/she will in trouble? No, since most of the people in U.S. trust in God, Jesus. That's the point why the boy get punished. From now on, I am gonna to learn laws in U.S.A cause I don't wanna like the boy who get in trouble with law restictions.

Response to appreciate and interpret Art

The passage tells more details about how you appreciate and interpret Art and it has 5 steps in total. There are many stuffs that one person gonna be learn in arts, it is really a huge topic. First of all, what you do is identify the medium or the mode of expression the artist choose to use.Is it a painting,drawing, sculpture,a still paragraph or an architectural structure? Is it two-dimensional or three dimensional?Something like that. I think it's obvious to get the answer for this kind of question.It's the basic understanding when you see a picture,you can directly perceived what you see.The second step is asking what content of the art work presented, in others words,what's the subject matter the artist has chosen to convey,it's just asking the main idea why the artist draw that?

The third step is looking for what kind of style the artist is using. A representional style is one that you can find out the artist's ideas and subject matter and the non-representional one is where the subject matter is not clearly. This time you also needs to tell whether the artwork is realistic, naturalist or idealized.It needs readers understand the whole passage more deeper, read the whole passage may be necessary. The fourth is saying the presention of the work, it involves on line, color, texture, spatial qualities and composition.These thing influence others' visualization. The fifth is talking about the format and the direction of the work, what you do is identify how do all of these features work together and what effect does it create, sometimes it's hard to tell from the art work you see. The last step is consider the period the art work comes from and you need to recognise if it's a recall another era or a new movement in art. To do this, you must have some basic knowledge about arts.

Reponse to How to reading a painting

After read this article, I feel the concept of art is really profound.The understanding and appreciation is hard, it takes time and patient to work it out. There are many factors that affect what makes a good painting,such as its subject matter, use of color and so on. Like the writer said we do not need to become a expert to have a meaningful realtionship with art, everyone has his or her thought, though we may not like experts' deepen consideration and appreciation to look at a paticular painting, we have our own standard to judge what is a good painting and what's bad.

What the experts think is not necessarily true. Some people are not experts of art, but they still can draw very good pictures just depends on the talent that one performs.It's gonna be tough for me. When you see others doing a painting it's enjoyable and you may think it's easy to do so but when you do it by yourself, it's not this easy, isn't it? Everytime you tried, you know how paticular thing works. For painting,I will not try because I know I am poor at painting, everyone likes to do what he/she is good at. I don't really mean I should aviod my shortcoming, well, practice makes perfect. I believe there one day that my drawback will become my advantage through my persistent effort.