Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Edward Hopper's Cape Cod Morning

I don't know much about Edward Hopper as his artwork, I even don't know any famous artist no matter what kind of painting the artists. I mean, impressionism abstractionism etc. As I mentioned in one of the comment I write, I am not good at art so I am not interested in this field. The only thing I can do when I look at any artwork is try my best to appreciate and understand what exactly the artist want to depict.It's hard to analyze.

Most of the Eward Hopper's painting is a combination of people and landscape of a particular place so does the painting which entitled Cape Cod Morning. All in all, the painting describes a kind of peaceful life which is similar as the one I evaluate with title"Still life with Fruit and Champagne" I can name this picture Still life of a woman with close to nature. From the graph, I can judge what the woman pursue is a kind of relaxed,it's like to hold herself aloof from the world. Thinking of nothing, just look at the green trees and the golden wheat with the sunshine, it will bring you a good mood, such a enjoyable thing! Obviously, similarities exist between the woman in the picture and nature, that is they are all very peaceful and real. And the place in the picture it's like a Neverland which is a place that I hope I can stay forever with the person I love as we get old gradually. Such a happiness and romantic thing!
Still life, I pursue...

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