Monday, June 9, 2008

Reponse to How to reading a painting

After read this article, I feel the concept of art is really profound.The understanding and appreciation is hard, it takes time and patient to work it out. There are many factors that affect what makes a good painting,such as its subject matter, use of color and so on. Like the writer said we do not need to become a expert to have a meaningful realtionship with art, everyone has his or her thought, though we may not like experts' deepen consideration and appreciation to look at a paticular painting, we have our own standard to judge what is a good painting and what's bad.

What the experts think is not necessarily true. Some people are not experts of art, but they still can draw very good pictures just depends on the talent that one performs.It's gonna be tough for me. When you see others doing a painting it's enjoyable and you may think it's easy to do so but when you do it by yourself, it's not this easy, isn't it? Everytime you tried, you know how paticular thing works. For painting,I will not try because I know I am poor at painting, everyone likes to do what he/she is good at. I don't really mean I should aviod my shortcoming, well, practice makes perfect. I believe there one day that my drawback will become my advantage through my persistent effort.


dd adams said...

should we avoid our shortcomings? or embrace them? if you have a desire to paint (or sing, salsa, ski, etc) - no matter your talent level - i think you shouldn't be afraid to start off with many failures ... all these failures add up to successes in time. we can't all be experts at the snap of a finger, but with dedication we can.

love the picture - reminds me a bit of dali.

♥~Eleanor~♥ said...

what happened to the picture??
I don't seem to be able to see it!